• Do you have a disobedient dog?
  • Does your pooch embarrass you in public?
  • Are you sick of excessive biting, barking & whining?
  • Are you tired of dog aggression issues?
  • Do you want to know how to fix any behaviour problems?

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John Gatt K-9 Services

Storm & Separation Anxiety

  • How to help cope with thunder/ high pitch vibration sounds, to make your dog more comfortable and safe when you leave home.

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Bad behaviour modification

  • To solve all problems with dog behaviour from disobedience, barking, biting, whining, aggression etc.

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Obedience Classes

  • If your pooch is taking you for a walk, running away, chasing the postman, stealing your belongings, it's time to start teaching him or her some manners by a man who really knows dogs from head to tail!!

  • John Gatt is once again running Obedience Classes. John commences his classes (basic dog training and fly ball and agility) April and September. You must book in prior to classes commencing to maintain your position. Classes are held at Northlakes High School at San Remo.

  • John has so far raised a substantial amount for charity since starting these classes and thanks the community for their generous donations!

    You and your pooch will learn to walk together, command him/her to sit, stay, come when called, down, high-pitch dog whistle, walking backward, stand for examination and food refusals as a distraction point.

    You must ring John Gatt ASAP to book for classes as they will fill very quickly. Call John on 0414 562 746. John also holds personal consultations during the week, so if you are unable to get him on the mobile please feel free to email John. If there is time during the year and the demand, additional classes may be added to this program.

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Agility and Fly Ball classes

  • What is Agility? Teaching your dog to negotiate articles such as tunnels dog walks, jumping hurdles etc.


  • Learning to negotiate for simple jumps, directly to a box containing a ball, when the dog pushes the box with it's paws the ball pops out.

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Personal protection training

  • Teaching you how to handle your dog, to switch on and off for personal protection.

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35 years hands on experience

  • I won the central coast community spirit award in 1996, for raising money for charities such as; Australian Kids Cancer Foundation, Womens Breast Cancer Foundation, Children Flight Services just to name a few.

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Dog training instructor courses

  • How to instruct your dog infront public, which can lead to teaching your own classes in the future.

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Seminars on K-9 Behaviour Modification (April & September)

  • Learning how to solve all problems with K-9s from feeding to aggression, or simply taking them to the vet. Two and half hour seminars. Money back guarentee. Seminars are held at Toukley RSL in April & September. For date and time enquiries, please contact John two weeks prior to the start of either April & September.

Seminar Information:

  • Toukley RSL
  • $30.00 a head
  • Bookings by phone only : 0414 562 746

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Barking & Aggression Assessments

  • Home visit to assess if your dog is an excessive barker or aggressive, concerning council letter of complaint, 95% of home visits are successful in solving the issue.

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  • Providing training "Narcotics Dogs"

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  • Dog rehabilitation within retirement village hostels .Medical research has proven pet contact reduces heigh blood pressure.

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